Photogrammetry presents the ability to make measurements from images. Here at Vantage, we utilize photogrammetry algorithms to generate extremely high resolution data sets and provide our clients with quality surveying products. These products include topography maps, digital terrain models (DTM), orthophotographs, and construction monitoring. All of our product deliverables are catered to the client’s needs in the form of CAD files, point clouds, meshes, and images.


Orthophotographs are high resolution images which are georeferenced to not only provide an image backdrop for other surveying products, but also provides the ability to make accurate measurements from the scaled image.  These orthogonal mosaics can be extremely useful for construction monitoring, environmental site monitoring and project planning.

Topographic Maps

Vantage understands the demand for topographic mapping in a wide variety of applications. Through experiences in these different fields of expertise, we have improved the photogrammetry processing pipeline in order to achieve the highest quality results for all of our clients.

Digital Terrain Models

Digital Terrain Models (DTMs) are useful in the engineering and environmental science fields. Using digital photogrammetry techniques, Vantage can compute accurate terrain models of a given landscape in order to inform further analysis and decisions.  Contour maps can also be created from the terrain models at the resolution requested by the client.