Bringing engineering innovation and new technologies to the civil, structural, and transportation industries

Bringing engineering innovation and new technologies to the civil, structure, and transportation industries


Using digital photogrammetry techniques we can provide topographical surveys,  orthophotographs and 3D models of structures, sites and landscapes

Accurate digital reconstructions of accidents and crime scenes can revolutionize car crash analysis and transport courtrooms directly to the scene with virtual reality

With our online client portal, you can access your data (which can contain billions of data points) at your convenience to take measurements in real time and present to stakeholders

What We Do


    Using the latest imaging technologies we can capture high-fidelity 3D data for your projects


    Using our time-tested methodology and computing, we produce deliverables catered to your needs

  • HOST

    Store your cumbersome 3D data files on our servers for online access anytime


    Use our web-based platform for interactive visualization and analysis of your raw 3D data

Our Edge

Our data acquisition strategy provides the capability to shorten the time-frame and cost of conventional surveying and mapping methods, while achieving the same level of accuracy and precision. Traditional surveying methods produce sparse data sets, while our techniques produce data sets with hundreds of millions of spatial coordinates.

We don’t just provide data, we provide products that are tailored to each client’s needs.

Using aerial imaging platforms, often called drones, we acquire thousands of images which can be used to compute accurate geometry of nearly any landscape or structure. From the air, we can capture accurate and up-to-date imagery critical for the documenting both construction and post-construction site conditions.


By utilizing aerial imaging, we can also perform safe and efficient inspections in areas that are difficult or dangerous to access by other means. The final product is then catered to your needs through our processing pipeline to provide a digital 3D snapshot in time.